There are several things you can do with your abandoned backyard. Why don’t you try to create a pool and spa in your backyard? Definitely, it is possible for you to have pool and spa at home with the help of expert. It is also easy to find the expert to realize your dream. Try to use internet and try to type Denver backyard pool designs. In a few second, you will have the result in which you will see a lot of backyard pool designs as well as the company which will help you to build the pool and spa.

It is okay if you have your own design or finally found the best pool and spa design for your backyard. Then, consult the design as well as any kind you need with the team. Soon, the team will do the process and let them work maximally. An expert team will do at least three ways to finish your request. First, they will go to your backyard and analyze the condition of the backyard. They will analyze everything so they can make sure that your design can be applied there. Second, when they analyze is done, it is time to make a backyard pool design. The design will be made in 3D so they can see the visual of the pool and spa realistically. You can also the 3D design which makes you can wait to see the pool and spa in your backyard.

Third, the process is started to do. An expert team knows they have to do in a good management so the pool and spa can be done on time based on the deadline. The most important thing is that everything can be discussed with the team so you can make sure that your backyard pool and spa is just like what you want. Soon, you can say goodbye to your abandoned backyard and say hello to the most relaxing place at home.


Summer is coming and it is going to be the perfect time to make some improvements at your home. Off course, improvement is intended to make your home a better place for your family. Focusing on home interior will be a good choice as all family members can get optimum benefits from an improved home interior. It doesn’t always mean a huge project with big budget like remodeling the home interior, adding new room, or floor replacement. It doesn’t also mean replacing old furniture with new one. Even smaller project can bring huge effect like repainting the interior wall.

Color has crucial role in interior design and as the walls are the dominant parts of the home interior, the paint color will bring huge impact. Repainting the walls especially with new color combinations can create fresh and new atmosphere. The home interior is having a new decoration to make it likes a new one. This option will be more financially feasible so why don’t take you give it a go? Some of you may even think it as your summer DIY project. That’s good but unless you really have the knowledge and skill working with the paints, you better hire the professional to do it. Instead of an improvement, you may end up making your home interior looks worse. There many residential painters phoenix az but off course you want the best one and for that one, you need to hire Tru-line Painting.

Committed to best quality service and long lasting result, Tru-Line Painting has been hailed as among the best painting service providers all over the State of Arizona. This company has been in this business for many years and building top reputation through what they do. It offers full painting services for commercial and residential buildings. It has been trusted by many interior designers and property owners to handle painting works on various high profiled projects in this area.

Tru-Line Painting has team of professionals who are passionate and really proud in what they do. They are highly trained and well experienced in painting many different types of materials and have excellent knowledge on different types of paint. They are also able to work with high effectivity to complete the project on schedule and also with efficient paint usage. More importantly, the painting result will be neat, precise, and will be long lasting.

It is highly recommended to contact Tru-Line Painting and schedule a consult with the customer service team. They will be more than happy to provide complete information about their services and give advice on the best option for your project. You can request free estimation for your project and you can be sure, you will love their rate very much. It is very competitive and considering their reputation, it offers the best value for your money. There’s no more reason to hesitate. It is time to create new and fresh atmosphere inside your home. Hire Tru-Line Painting and let them improve your home interior with their magical touch.


You must be very grateful to have private swimming pool at home. Living in a hot weathered city like Glendale, the temperature is relatively high almost every day. There’s no better way to keep us cool and relax on hot summer days than dipping our body in the fresh water of swimming pool. It can’t be denied that the pool is like the favorite spot for all family members and everyone like to hand around there while getting their body refreshed.

With this kind of fact of high intensity usage of swimming pool, the maintenance must be well managed. As your family love to spend time on the swimming pool, it is important to make sure to keep it a safe environment. Off course, the pool is designed and built to meet the safety standard but don’t forget the water quality is a serious issue. Clean and fresh water is a must otherwise your family will be exposed for serious threads. It is ranging from minor problems like skin rash to even bigger one like positioning. Keeping the pool clean is a hard thing to do especially when it is used very often. More than that, you may not have a proper time to handle this kind of work. That’s why hiring professional pool cleaning service is the rational option. You can find long list of pool cleaning service providers from the local directory but when you want the best for pool cleaning Glendale AZ, you must hire no one but Pelican Bay Pools.

Pelican Bay Pools takes pool cleaning as very serious business as proof of commitment to its customers. It is the leading full service pool service providers in Arizona. This company offers services to customers from Glendale, Phoenix, Peoria, and greater area. It has good reputation among its customers and highly referred as the most dependable in this kind of service. No wonder since this company has been specializing in this business for almost a decade. It is also a licensed and certified contractor making sure that all services are compliant with the standards as regulated in the State of Arizona.

You can always count on Pelican Bay Pools to keep your swimming pool at optimum condition. This company has team of highly trained staffs who are familiar with all types of pool maintenance works. This company can manage the maintenance work including scheduling routine pool cleaning work. The maintenance will be including cleaning the pool water from debris, cleaning the pole wall and surrounding floor, maintaining the water filter, and other routine cleaning works. This pool service company also has team of technician in case you need repair or parts replacement on water filter, pool water heater unit, and other.

Pelican Bay Pools is committed to deliver the best and most reliable solutions. For your peace of mind, this company ensures that all projects are bonded and insured. All cleaning staffs and technicians from this company have been cleared through strict identity check making sure the one working at your home won’t cause any risk.


You must give a huge concern to your plan for replacing the old ceramic tile floor with the new one. It is true that the old floor is already too old and floor replacement is a good option to make a huge improvement to your home interior. Off course it is a big project and it must be well planned carefully mostly because it is started with old tile removal. It will be such a big work and it will be messy with all those dust and noise.

The most concerning thing about tile removal isn’t only the irritating noise or countless dust from that process. The worst is the silicate materials in the thin set can be released to the air. This micro-sized material will cause severe health problems when inhaled into our respiration system. The effect can be ranging from breathing problem to lung cancer. What makes it even more daunting is the fact that those micro-sized materials can stay on various surfaces including on the wall, roof, drape, and many other and will keep expose your family for a long time. To minimize the bad effect of tile removal, you need to cover all furniture and other stuffs, moving your family temporarily, and not to mention lots of cleaning after the project. It won’t be easy and it won’t be cheap either. It will be so much better with dust free tile removal service.

It is the new method of tile removal to prevent dust from the tile removing process released to the air contaminating the whole area. It is possible with advanced tile removal machine with suction device with HEPA filter system to catch the dust. This method is proven to be very effective helping minimize the side effects of tile removal. Dust B Gone is the name to trust when it comes to dust free tile removal Phoenix. This company is among the few providers of dust free tile removal all over the country and this one serving all area of the State of Arizona. It is ready to handle tile removal work for commercial or residential project. It has the most advanced technology including the most effective filtration system ensuring not a single tiny dust will contaminate your house after the work. With this advanced technology, tile removal work will be very effective and it will be completed faster than the conventional method. This company also offers extra services including draping different stuffs at your home and including cleaning all work area.

It is easy to see the benefits of dust free tile removal. It is faster to complete and more importantly, minimizing the risk of hazardous dust contaminating your home and exposing your family with great risk. It also offers you opportunity to save money as the cleaning work will be minimum. This is the best option to choose for your floor improvement project. Contact Dust B Gone and schedule the project. It is guaranteed you will get nothing but the best solution.


Living room is the center of every house. That’s one fact we all would agree. As the center of the house, living room is a place where family gather on different occasions. It is also the place where we welcome the guests coming to our house. It is like a showcase of our family and no wonder we like to display family photos, portraits, as well as different awards and souvenirs. This is the idea of media wall, a structure made on one side of the living room walls designed to display and showcase different things. It is made to become the focal point of the living room.

It is said that first impression last forever. The media wall as the focal point of the living room has crucial role to represent the whole house decoration and it create the first impression to everyone coming to the house. Off course, you want the living room can create the right first impression and the right atmosphere to represent your family. It won’t be easy to create that kind of media wall especially when you have a distinctive concept about it. Since you need the best solution you need to come to the best in this business and that’s no other than Thunderbird Custom Drywall. This company has top reputation creating the best contemporary media wall Phoenix and all over the country.

Started as a small interior decoration company, Thunderbird Custom Drywall has been developing into a custom medial wall designer and installer with excellent reputation, known among the best in this country. From its years of experience working with the most demanding clients, this company creates its flagship product of Thunderbird Wall. It is more than just custom made media wall but the ultimate decoration for every living room. It is a media wall designed and made with various architectural style, combining and blending different materials, textures, and finishes while able integrating different functions. Thunderbird Wall will provide display space for various things, installation of different devices from TV and audio video devices to electric fireplace. The best thing about Thunderbird Wall is you can choose your own custom design using various materials. Whether you choose classic minimalist style to rustic style or even glamorous style, the only limit is your own imagination.

Thunderbird Wall is designed by team of seasoned interior designers who really known how to translate your concept. The team of highly professional craftsmen will make sure the medial wall is built with high precision to become something the whole family will love and proud of. Having this kind of media wall at your living room will significantly improve the look and impression of your living room and even better, it can increase the value of your property. It is highly recommended to contact Thunderbird Custom Drywall and let their staffs hear about your concept and plan. This company will make the perfect media wall just like what you want. You will be surprised that the cost will be very competitive and more importantly, give the best value of your money.